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Our organization is dedicated to the development and propagation of transparency, security and privacy in financial transactions. Moreover, empowering the masses by enabling true peer 2 peer (P2P) transactions. With the use of blockchain technology, we provide a secure gateway that integrates transparency to ensure trust automatically within each transaction.  


Our tokens proliferate these principles.  

Revolutionary Crypto Technology 

By Definition:


By definition, ATME is designed to bridge the gap between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.  To that purpose, we based our token on Stellar technology. From this noble springboard, blossomed a revolutionary cryptocurrency superior by every standard - fiat or crypto. 





By Design:

ATME has been purposefully designed to facilitate cross-border payments and securitized assets – through a simplified user interface/wallet.  We are dedicated to creating simple, flawless, unified ways to buy/sell fiat across a global network that results in a borderless transaction.  Organic, decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.  



Trust through Transparency:


ATME capitalizes on the Transparency touted by blockchain enthusiasts. Trust is substantiated by the transaction being openly exhibited on a ledger - available on the blockchain.  Transactions are verified by the decentralization of such ledger and thus transparency is legitimized through open ledgers and verifiable transactions.  This allowed for the evolution of finance.  Within this development, Trust became Inherent within Financial Transactions.


The conceptual design of finance changed.  Over the last decade, financial transactions are becoming increasingly more dependent on this new standard.  The Transparency and Trust seem to benefit prosperity and this spills over into healh, education, environmental, artistic and altruistic advancements.  


The fundamental principle that perpetuates Trust is Transparency.  Inbuilt.



Transparency with Privacy:


Traditionally, it was understood that privacy had to be sacrificed for transparency.  As a result of this misconception, privacy is sacrificed with most blockchain technology.  Most cryptocurrency tokens widely available currently are not protective of the personal information of wallet holders.  This defies the decentralization need  - considered core to the benefits of blockchain.  In fact recent financial research revealed that "as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, their centralization factors become more apparent - the centralization of decentralized finance."


ATME technology is specifically designed to utilize the Transparent nature within blockchain technology, and yet maintain the privacy of decentralization.  


ATME coding technology disassociates personal identifying information from transactional information. This provides the gateway to the revolutionary principle of Transparency with Privacy. 




Safety through Security:

ATME prioritizes secure transactions.  Transactional ledgers on the system are verified and updated every five seconds automatically - throughout the system via authentication nodes.  These are continually updated and verified throughout the network. This prevents tampering, unlawful modification, or secret manipulation of the transactions on the network.  


Transactional information is further secured through the inbuilt "airgapping" of personal information as it is dissociated from transactional information.  


This is the new standard.




Open Source:


ATME crypto technology is open source, further promoting the principle of transparency.  In addition, the use of open source coding promotes further development through the sharing of innovation. This results in faster delivery of better technologies to the general population and reduces cost to the consumer.  



Faster Transactions, Lower Fees:


Through superior technology, Stellar based tokens enjoy faster transactions than previous, older, crypto technologies.


Because of open source technology, Stellar exchanges have much lower fees of transactions than other cryptocurrency processes. 




The “Green” Crypto


Until now, the technology of cryptocurrencies depended on mining.  Outdated technologies like Bitcoin use “proof of work” that requires heavy work by computers doing calculations to verify transactions. This was replaced by technology such as Cardano, etc that depends of "{proof of stake" - which is slightly more energy efficient, but still highly inefficient.  This intense energy requirement has led to experts classification of these older crypto technologies as "equivalent to burning fossil fuels".


ATME changed that.  


One of the reasons we chose stellar technology is the revolutionary achievement of energy efficiency by subverting the entire proof system.  ATME authenticates and verifies transactions through a set of trustworthy nodes.  This results in ATME being an ENERGY EFFICIENT, ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS cryptocurrency.

it is for this reason that ATME has earned the nickname "the Green Crypto" by enthusiasts worldwide.


Sustainability thru Stability:


The sustainability of ATME as a financial tool is ensured through the stability of liquidity.  Conceptually, widespread liquidity is inbuilt within the framework of Stellar technology and achieved through the required minimum balance in trading accounts. This inherent liquidity provides stability and resultant sustainability. Furthermore, this implies that the stability, influence and power of ATME and the stellar system expand with the entry of each participant, developer, company within the network. It is also this inherent liquid stability that accommodates ease of fiat integration within the system.


MicroFinance Ideation:


ATME has been designed to equilibrate economic opportunity to consumers throughout the world.  Traditionally, economic systems have created a sharp discrepancy enabling division between socioeconomic classes.  Even though globalization has connected investors from all regions of the world, extreme poverty often prevents entry into financial markets.  Through the concept of microfinancing, fractional investing extends investment opportunities to all - even those people with minimal resources.  ATME acts as The Great Equalizer.  




True Peer-2-Peer


Through Decentralization, the “middle man” is also bypassed, to allow for true Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions - further lowering fees necessary to perform transactions.  


ATME is accessible, safe, cheap, private, and easy to use. Its fundamental design eases the movement of currencies between traders on the network. For these reasons, ATME has garnered the attention of traders, financiers, investors and enthusiasts worldwide and is poised to be a popular, universal currency over the next few years.



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Why Stellar?


Stellar is a system with no centralized mandate or power. There are no shareholders of the Stellar Development Foundation, thus the system is purely committed to the accomplishments of Stellar grid as a neutral, equitable, and public network. 

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